Investing in Ukraine's Outsourcing


Most IT businessmen agree that outsourcing plays a big role when it comes to business management. Outsourcing is a great opportunity to work with qualified employees and to save on company’s expenses. And Ukraine is one of the best places for outsourcing in IT industry.

Ukraine has more than 500 000 math and computer science graduates overall. The software development industry in Ukraine is developing quickly, employing highly qualified specialists.

Benefits of working with Ukrainian outsourcing:

1.       - Qualified and experienced labor

Ukraine has a lot of skilled professionals. The country has a lot of tech schools and universities, so a lot of graduates too. Most developers know English language on a good level.

2.       Low cost of labor

Skilled labor is not cheap anywhere, but compared to Europe and USA, Ukrainian salaries are much, much lower. Cost of running an office is lower, too. So, you can have professional qualified workers and pay less.

3.       Location


Ukraine is located in Europe. That means getting to any European country takes just a few hours. A little time difference with other European countries makes work efficient.

Iranian market open for Ukrainian agriculture export

The newly-opened Iranian market is very promising for Ukraine's agricultural product exports.

"One of the interesting markets we are expecting to open for us is the market of Iran. As soon as the sanctions (against Iran) are lifted, it will give us huge potential for cooperation. They (Iran) showed a preliminary interest in (Ukraine's) three million tons of grain and a wide range of processed products. Besides, they are interested in meat and dairy products ", the Minister for Agrarian Policy and Food Oleksiy Pavlenko said at a press briefing on Friday, October 30.

Pavlenko noted, the timing of the Iranian market opening is more than a political decision.

"This country (Iran) has the money: according to our information, they have USD 84 billion of gold and forex reserves. Iran is looking forward to cooperation with the Ukrainian producers,"  said the Minister.

In addition to potential business opportunities with Iran, the Indian market also demonstrates significant potential. The first negotiations with the Indian embassy have already taken place. The minister also spoke about the negotiations with Bangladesh on cooperating in the grain sector. The minister said that, at present, the largest portion of Ukrainian agricultural exports go to China.


During eight months of 2015, Ukraine exported 46.9% its agricultural products to Asia (USD 4.2 billion).

French-Ukrainian investment forum postponed

The French-Ukrainian investment forum scheduled to take place on November 18 has been postponed until 2016 due to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the Foreign Ministries of Ukraine and France said in a joint statement which has been posted on the official website of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

"On Wednesday, November 18, the French-Ukrainian investment forum was to be held in Paris with the participation of French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk. Due to the tragic events which resulted after terrorist attacks in Paris, Ukraine and France decided to postpone the event," the ministries said.

The forum will now be held in early 2016.

"The new date will be defined in coming weeks," the ministries said.


EU trade commissioner: free EU-Ukraine trade zone comes into effect January 1st


A free trade zone between Ukraine and the European Union will come into effect on January 1st in spite of objections from Russia.

That's according to Cecilia Malmström, the European Commisioner for trade, who is expected to visit Ukrainian capital Kyiv this week. Malmstrom says efforts to find common ground with Russia are on-going.

The Kremlin initially intervened to stop the free trade zone comnig into effect last autumn. Russia says it could impose an embargo on Ukrainian goods if the Ukraine-EU deal comes into force.



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